Project Hail Mary

Andy Weir

I'm not actually going to review the book, though I thought it was very good. Instead I'm going to share the saga of reading it. For starters, I had an unfavorable view of reading it because every time I see a paper copy of The Martian I instantly feel like no human being should have the time to read it, and the last time I saw a book like that it was Dune. I found Dune good but far too long. Several friends and a colleague had said they liked it and I should really read it, but I kept thinking of The Martian and how onerous it looked and how the same guy wrote both. Then, I got a paperback of it in a family book exchange, and I thought, "Well, fine, I'll read the damn thing." I was swept up immediately and wanted to stay up reading even when it was getting late, like I do for only very good books, and was full speed ahead. That is, until a sentence didn't finish on the next page. In my confusion, I re-read three times, until I realized that the page numbers were wrong--I was missing about 60 pages in this print. It was at a very climactic part of the novel and I was moved to violence, ready to swear a blood feud against the publisher (and I am still rankled writing this months later, because how do miss sixty pages) but then I realized I could buy and then return the digital edition through Apple Books, so I read the missing chapters and then resumed back on the paperback. Anyway, do better, Ballantine Books.