Pen Stuff

I really like fountain pens. I originally got into them because I was taking lots of notes by hand and found that I was hurting my wrist if I wrote all day (which was most days towards the end of high school and college). The reason fountain pens alleviate wrist strain is that they work through capillary action rather than through pressure, as rollerballs and ballpoints do. Since you only have to just barely touch the page, you don't exert as much pressure on the wrist and therefore strain yourself less. You can also use virtually whatever ink you want in a fountain pen, as they're all basically compatible, so it has a little more flair. Note: links here are to goulet pens, which I'm not affiliated with, nor do I get any commissions. I order from them often, but I link them here mostly because their camera work is excellent and a good representation of how products look in real life.

You may wonder, why a pen in 2022? Aren't we doing everything digitally now? Well I still use a pen for a few reasons:

There are a few pens that I really like:

There are also a few inks that I really like:

I'm a huge fan of Tomoe River paper, but its original formulation is no longer easy to procure, and it was expensive. Currently I prefer Midori paper, which is much thicker but works very nicely with many inks.