Inactive Projects

tedana, a software and methodology project using Python to perform multi-echo denoising. Currently uses ICA and PCA. Core developer since April 2019.

egi-pynetstation, a hardware interfacing project to control an EGI amplifier using Python. Primary author and developer in close collaboration with Peter Molfese.

archivotron, a project to systematically name files and retrieve attributes from filenames under those systems.

Projects that are not actively being worked on, but may be of note.

Git Boot Camp 2019, a project to train some MUSC employees on using git version control. This was a heavy inspiration for the creation of exercises for Pro Git and their LaTeX equivalent.

dcmwrangle, a project to interactively convert dicoms into niftis without having to do scripting. This project may be revived at some point, as it was discontinued mostly due to disinterest from others rather than myself.

LaTeX for Physicists, a not-so-short guide to using LaTex for physics undergraduates.

At my previous institution, (MUSC) I worked with Truman Brown and his collaborators on fMRI-EEG-TMS for a clinical trial which sought to use EEG to guide TMS stimulation for treating depression. The MRI was used to determine the optimal EEG alpha phase to stimulate at.

In a previous life (college), I did raindrop counting statistics under the supervision of Mike Larsen, which culminated in a few papers: